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province Harju
Tallinn, 11316
Suur-Sõjamäe 4/2a

Payments methods

Cash Card payment UTA

Other services

Car wash

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Fuel Price
Futura 95 1,149 €/l
Дизелово гориво Futura D 1,080 €/l
Бензин А98 Futura 98 1,199 €/l

The prices are approximate

Artur Reb
Google Places© на 28.10.2018

Automaatjaam põhiliste kütustega. Tangin 98 ja olen rahul.

Katherina Koovit
Google Places© на 30.08.2018

Väga mõnusad automaattanklad

A Jevs
Google Places© на 22.08.2018

Возможность оплатить кредитной карточкой по беконтактной системе

Birgitt Ritvasalo
Google Places© на 15.08.2018

Kylmäasema Ulemiste keskuksen yhteydessä noin 3-4 kilometriä Tallinnan ydinkeskustasta.

Nadine G
Google Places© на 16.06.2018

As it is a gas station, it's cons8dered to be uses like one. Instead locals use it as a free parking place, meeting place and smoking place. As it is not any spacious one and placed strategically to be used fast, huge mess is ready. So, I try to tank anywhere else, despite the fact this gas station is on my daily route.

Foursquare© на 20.04.2013

Rimi kaardiga teenid igalt tangitud liitrilt 1 sendi Rimi raha :)

Ivar M
Foursquare© на 28.08.2012

Apply for a loyalty card from www.neste.ee and you pay less!

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